• Automatically Prefix Your Commit Messages With A Jira Issue ID

    In my day-to-day work I’m using the command-line and therefore Git from the command-line a lot. Over the years I have customized my own software development environment to better fit my needs and to make me more productive. When working with Jira it’s a habit to include the Jira issue id and the issue title in the branch name. This means a branch name typically is something like feature/foo/ISSUE-123-issue-tile. When working with Bamboo as well it`s nice to have the Jira issue id as a prefix of all commit messages because this will allow Bamboo to collect all commits for specific build. However, adding the issue id in every commit message manually is a pain that’s why I automated the process.

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  • How To Deliver Larger Web Pages With An ESP8266

    The ESP8266 is a low-cost Wi-Fi chip with full TCP/IP stack and microcontroller unit which makes it very attractive for small DIY IoT projects. When building a web server with the ESP8266, I stumbled over the problem of the limited message size of WiFiClients print() method (It is somewhere around 2922 bytes). Delivering more complex web pages, containing CSS and JavaScript, requires working around the limited memory of the device.

    A simple configuration page, 4430 bytes

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  • Released gradle-dockerfile-plugin version 0.3

    I have just released version 0.3 of my gradle-dockerfile-plugin. This is a Gradle plugin to build and push Docker images using an external Dockerfile. This means there is no need of inline configuration for Docker in the Gradle build file. The plugin is available through Maven Central and the Gradle Plugin Portal.

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  • How To Compile Gizmod

    The Gizmo Daemon is a very powerfull little utility to control applications and devices based on input events. I am using Gizmod to control my DIY Arcade Cabinet with USB Controllers to navigate through the menus and start or stop games. When I updated my Arcade Cabinet with new hardware I found out that Gizmod does not compile on newer Ubuntu versions. It seems like Gizmod is not well maintained at the moment.

    I'm using the Gizmo Daemon to create input events from USB gamepads

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  • Reviving an old N900 without lock code

    Since it’s introduction in 2009 the Nokia N900 has always been a very special Smartphone. And when you have forgotten your lock code you will quickly notice this once again. I had an old N900 lying around which I want to use in a project and of course I have forgotten the lock code. Without your lock code the N900 won’t boot and you can not access your phone. To make the phone usable again I had to reflash the N900 with an old version of the firmware, brute force the lock code with a password cracker, reflash it with the newest version of the firmware and activate the community updates.

    The Nokia N900

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