About Sebastian Glahn

Hi! My name is Sebastian Glahn. I’m a husband, a father of two and I write software for a living. I’m a Senior Software Engineer living in Cologne and some of my professional interests include Java, Vim, Gradle and Docker.

Besides my job I’m interested in Retro Gaming, Microcontrollers (mainly Arduino and ESP8266), 3D printing, Robotics (especially ROS-based) and ambitious Linux-based mobile operating systems like Maemo or Sailfish OS. I also maintain a few open source projects.

I have 10+ years experience building software and would describe myself as DevOps-Minded - with a strong focus on build, test and deployment automation. Currently I’m helping migrating an enterprise-scale monolithic platform to a Microservice architecture.

This blog contains technical articles which are meant as a way to keep track of my side projects and as documentation for myself.


If you want to contact me, you can reach me here: