• Custom Arcade Cabinet Scratch Build

    I accumulated a lot of old hardware over the years. Much of it still works and is too good to throw away. I wanted to give new life to my hardware so I decided to build my own custom Arcade Cabinet.

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  • Portabee Experiences - Part One

    (Click here for Part two). I received my unassembled Portabee 3d printer kit. The Portabee is not only the world´s first portable 3d printer it is also affordable. I want to share my experiences. The Portabee is based on the RepRap Wallace and uses 3 mm PLA filament and a 0.5 mm extruder nozzle. The build volume is 120x120x120 mm. With an 365 Euro price tag unassembled the Portabee is really cheap. But you should keep in mind the shipping costs of ~75 Euro plus ~90 Euro Import VAT (Einfuhrumsatzsteuer) at least here in Germany. That makes a total of ~530 Euro. The lead time was about 4 weeks, shipping took 3 days.

    All parts laid out

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  • Raspberry Pi First Steps

    Update: This article is outdated! The old Debian Squeeze image is no longer available. Please use the new Raspbian Wheezy image instead.

    I had some free time today so I played with my brand new Raspberry Pi. Here is what i have done so far using the Debian Squeeze image.

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